Today is Thursday, 25 May 2023.  I have completed an upgrade on this site.  The appearance (which is template-driven) had to change because the template I was using is not compatible with the new version.  I cannot find a template that I like for the new version, so I'm going with this ugly default.  Since the point of this site is the text and there are probably three people who read it, I'm just not going to worry about the template for now.

Also, I had to switch the Adventures of Quin & Makhabesh to use pagination rather than expanding and collapsing regions because the plugin that did the expanding/collapsing doesn't work in the new version.  I will update it to something more convenient.  In the meantime, just jump to the end of the home page, or to the last part (currently part 5) in the table of contents.

Thanks for understanding, Liz.