People in Utah (or at least in Salt Lake County) are in a hurry. In fact, they're in more of a hurry than the law allows. You can tell this by the way they drive (speeding and tailgating).  Oddly enough (to me), they draw the line at breaking laws which require them to illegally cross a line (one that's painted on the road, I mean).

Infinity SymbolMortality is, by definition, finite, thus making mortals inherently unqualified to comprehend the scope of eternity. And yet, there is in each of us, a part which once, perhaps, understood. I expect it is that part which makes me spend so much time trying to comprehend this subject I am so unable to understand (remember?).  "What's so hard to understand?" you're wondering.  It's not the technical definition I ponder.  Endless is technically easy enough to understand.  It's the implications behind the definitions that leave me pondering.