1 C. Water 2 C. sugar ~ 1 t. McCormick Imitation Maple Flavor

Add water and sugar to a sauce pan (yes, 2x as much sugar as water). Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly. (You can use a higher temperature if you really want to, but watch and stir it constantly or it'll boil over fast, and you do not want to clean that off your stove top.)

When the liquid nears boiling, add the McCormick maple flavor (yes, we're brand-specific here - don't use that other stuff - unless you can find and afford real maple flavor, then try that).  The amount is approximate because it depends how mapley you like your syrup.  I just add enough that it's nice and dark.

Stir until it just starts to boil, then remove from heat. All done. Yes, it's thin - that's good (we don't really need horse-hooves to make our syrup yummy).  (There might be a little froth / foam on top, that's OK.  It'll go away once it cools a little.)

(Recipe from Mom, commentary from Liz.)

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