For some bizarre reason, many fountain pen ink reviewers write pangrams as sample text.  Pangrams are useful for learning to type, but they're somewhat absurd for demonstrating fountain pen writing - it's not as if the fountain pen will write differently depending on the letter of the alphabet.  Anywho, it's a common practice.

So, when I started doing ink reviews, I decided to have fun with these pangrams.  One of these pangrams is "The five boxing wizards jump quickly."  Eventually, this morphed into stories about "the fifth wizard", who was given a name by the user "yazeh" on the Fountain Pen Network.


Quintus / Quint / Quin - the fifth wizard

Makhabesh - a male sphinx (emphasis on the first syllable, second emphasis on the last syllable, with the "ah" between them de-stressed; the "kh" is a "hard h" - sort of like clearing your throat; both "a" characters are pronounced like "ah"; also, the consonant-vowel grouping is unusual: MAKH - abesh - with a pause / break before the "abesh", rather than the more common grouping of: ma kha besh)

The other wizards: Primus (in charge), Secundus, Tertius, and Quartus

Marsell, the Oily Sorcerer of Bicbiro (Bicbiro is a city)  (For you non-fountain pen people, ballpoints use oil-based ink.  See this Wikipedia page about Marcel Bich for more.)

Enketa - Makhabesh's sister

Mom - Makhabesh's mother


Here's a map of the wizardlands.  It's not necessarily to scale (both overall size and distances between locations), but I needed something to show the relative position of things and bound the region where our adventures happen.

Map of the Wizardlands

NOTE: The story was getting too long, so I broke it up into one article per part with navigation at the start and end of each part.

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